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Pretty much everything here originally appeared at my actual blog: By Singing Light. I particularly focus on upper middle-grade and young adult books. I also enjoy adult genre books, especially speculative fiction.

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48 Hour Challenge Starting Line post and first update

The Grand Plan to Fix Everything - Uma Krishnaswami

So, despite the fact that I still have no internet*, I decided to try to do the 48 Hour Reading Challenge (hosted at Mother Reader). Also despite the fact that I’m working 8 hours on Saturday. This is possibly ridiculous, but that’s okay. I have wanted to participate in some of the reading challenges that go on, but my work schedule makes this difficult. And given the focus on diverse books in this reading challenge, it was also something I felt strongly about wanting to support.


Here’s my (extremely ambitious) list:
The Grand Plan to Fix Everything by Uma Krishnaswami
Sister Mine by Nalo Hopkinson
Pointe by Brandy Colbert
Cold Steel by Kate Elliott
A Moment Comes by Jennifer Bradbury
Flygirl by Sherri Smith
Lost Girl Found by Leah Bassoff
A Bride’s Story 2 by Kaoru Mori
She Is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick
Ninth Ward by Jewell Parker Rhodes
Range of Ghosts by Elizabeth Bear


I am happy to note that most of these were already on my checked-out-to-read stacks! I started at 8 this morning (Friday) and have read for an hour and a half so far.

At this point, I have finished The Grand Plan to Fix Everything, which was absolutely charming, and a wonderful example of how diverse books can both be wonderfully specific and true (in this case to Indian culture) and touch on wider concerns, like friendship and family.


And now I’ve started Nalo Hopkinson’s Sister Mine, which recently won the Andre Norton award. I am loving Makeda and the cadences of her narration.

* By the end of next week this should be fixed. Yay!

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