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Pretty much everything here originally appeared at my actual blog: By Singing Light. I particularly focus on upper middle-grade and young adult books. I also enjoy adult genre books, especially speculative fiction.

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Do Butlers Burgle Banks? - P.G. Wodehouse Do butlers burgle banks? One does, since he just so happens to be a criminal mastermind in disguise. The bank in question is owned by Mike Bond, who recently inherited it from his uncle Horace. With Mike ignoring his erstwhile love, Jill Willard, and gang members falling victim to revival meetings, hijinks are sure to ensue.

To be honest, this one was a little odd. It was fun, fluffy in the typical fluffy way of Wodehouse. But there were several jarring moments where I suddenly remembered that this book was actually published in 1968. Somehow the odd bits of modernity that crept in didn't mesh with the bucolic landscape or the general sense that the story was actually set in a much earlier era. And Mike doesn't have the appeal of either a Bertie Wooster or a Psmith, which does tend to handicap things a bit. A fun read, but probably not worth your while, unless you're a particularly devoted Wodehouse fan.

Book source: my school library