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The Spellcoats - Diana Wynne Jones Again with the absolutely astoundingly gorgeous covers. This one is for The Spellcoats really, which makes me a bit sad. I want this style for all four!

Anyway. If the jump between Cart and Cwidder and Drowned Ammet is disconcerting, the jump to The Spellcoats is even more so. Mitt and Moril might be only distantly aware of each other, but they are clearly in the same time. Tanaqui's story clearly is not. In fact, it's set in a sort of prehistoric Dalemark. Also, unlike the first two, it's in first person. Told from the point of view of Tanaqui, second daughter and second youngest child of Closti the Clam, it follows Closti's children on a voyage (literally) of discovery. I've said before that I think siblings are one of the things Diana Wynne Jones tends to get right and, in my opinion, she does it again here. The Spellcoats also introduces a very important character in the person of Kankredin, the villain.

I had forgotten just how confusing this sequence is. Nonetheless, I still maintain that reading the books in publication order rather than chronological order is the way to go. I think the confusion is part of it.