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In the Forest of Forgetting - Theodora Goss, Terri Windling I really enjoyed some of these stories and was less wild about some of the others. One of these was the first story, “The Rose in Twelve Petals”, which I found a tad heavy-handed for my taste. (You can read it here and decide for yourself.)
* “The Rapid Advance of Sorrow“. It felt topical, but at the same time like a dream. Just enough fantasy to keep it from simply being didactic.
* “Letters from Budapest” was haunting and unsettling.
* “The Wings of Meister Wilhelm” and “Lessons with Miss Gray” are two stories set in the same town of Ashton, North Carolina. They also share several characters and the second clearly builds off of the first. I found them both enjoyable.
* “Pip and the Fairies” was nuanced and lovely.
Goss tends towards the darker side of fantasy in general (in my opinion) and those of you with delicate sensibilities will probably want to stay away from “The Belt.”