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City of Glass - Cassandra Clare by Cassandra Clare

Opening line: “The cold snap of the previous week was over; the sun was shining brightly as Clary hurried across Luke’s dusty front yard, the hood of her jacket up to keep her hair from blowing across her face.”

Okay, third book of the Mortal Instruments series! It was still being billed as a trilogy back then, but apparently it’s turned into a six-book series. Which I’m not opposed to–for one thing, I’m a bit done with trilogies (okay, a LOT done) and for another, I do like the characters. In this installment, they all end up, circuitously and with angst, in Alicante, the capital of the Shadowhunter county of Idris.

I have a friend who felt like the first part of the book was slow, and I would certainly agree with that. It didn’t particularly bother me at the time, given that I knew something was going to happen sooner or later. There were certainly some plot twists along the way! I had halfway called one of them (I was pretty sure it wasn’t going to go there on a particular issue, which meant that necessarily one of the characters had to be something other than they appeared), but was wrong about some of the details. Overall I liked the surprises, although there was one point that I have some issues with.

It’s hard to talk about the book without being all spoilery for the first two. Basically it’s a nice light read, with enough substance to keep me engaged.

Book source: public library
Book information: Simon & Schuster, 2009; YA

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