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City of Bones - Cassandra Clare Opening line: “‘You’ve got to be kidding me,’ the bouncer said, folding his arms across his massive chest.”

First of all, I really like Clary. I think this has something to do with sympathy. I knew I was going to like her when I got to this line:
“When you were as short as Clary was, just over five feet, you were cute. Not pretty or beautiful, but cute.”
CLARY! I FEEL YOUR PAIN. I probably haven’t mentioned this here before, but I just so happen to be 4′ 10″. And this is exactly why I hate the word cute. When you’re short, it tends to come with a side of condescension and patting on the head like you’re ten.

So, now that we’ve got the short-person issues out of the way, I liked this book a lot. I was never completely wowed by it, but the writing and the characters were very solid, and I loved some of the ways that Clare set up expectations and then completely undercut them. Hodge, for instance. When we first met Hodge my initial impression of him was “Giles!” And then later I went, Okay, NOT Giles. (Granted I’ve seen all of 2 seasons of Buffy, so maybe there is still some similarity that I’m missing.) Mostly what I’m referring to is the relationship between Jace and Clary, but even saying that is skating close to spoiler territory, so I’ll stop with that.

The mythology was nicely done. It seemed both familiar enough to be solid, but different enough to be interesting. That can be a hard balance to pull off sometimes.

I’m looking forward to the second book.

Book source: public library
Book information: Simon & Schuster, 2007