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Pretty much everything here originally appeared at my actual blog: By Singing Light. I particularly focus on upper middle-grade and young adult books. I also enjoy adult genre books, especially speculative fiction.

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Elizabeth & Leicester: Power, Passion, Politics
Sarah Gristwood
Lamplighter (Monster Blood Tattoo, Book 2) - D.M. Cornish The second in the (IMO, unfortunately named) Monster Blood Tattoo series. Cornish’s amazing world-building continues, as well as Rossamund’s development. I was astonished by some of the revelations in this book–I had some theories at the end of the first book which…did not turn out to be the case–and can’t wait until the third is released! [Feb. 2010]


The second book in the trilogy, which more than lived up to my expectations. The story continued to grow and deepen as questions of Rossamund’s identity and vocation (loaded term, perhaps, but I couldn’t think of a better one) come into play. As is usual for second books, new characters appear and our reaction to old ones changes. [2010 in books]