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Sunshine - Robin McKinley First review:
I wanted to like this book. And on a certain level I do. Rae is a very likable character and one who I feel a lot of sympathy for and identification with. I want to do what she does, except with books instead of Sunshine’s Eschatology and the giant cinnamon buns. And being me, I don’t mind a lot of the aspects that others might find highly dubious. By this I mean the vampires.

On the other hand, a story that I would otherwise greatly enjoy was largely ruined for me by the smuttiness. Lots of smuttiness. I can deal with a little bit, but Sunshine contained quite a bit more than I could quite take.

Which is really sad, because Robin McKinley’s writing is wonderful. I love almost all of her books and the fact that I can’t whole-heartedly love this one makes me unhappy. It is also sad because at its bottom Sunshine is a story of good and evil, of light and dark. But it is what it is and so I cannot recommend it. I wish that I could, but in all conscience, I can’t.

Second review:

Erm. I love Sunshine.

I don't know what happened exactly in the time between that first read and now. Maybe my standards of smuttiness changed, maybe it's just that the story got under my skin and stayed there. I think it's that.

It's a book I don't recommend for everyone. If content bothers you, don't read it. If content doesn't bother you, or if you want to try it anyway, you'll find great characters and worldbuilding, and a wonderful antidote to certain other vampire novels.


A re-read of a lovely book. It’s definitely NOT for the little 13-year-olds who just read Beauty, but it’s a great antidote to other vampire books I could mention (by which I mean just about all of them). And Rae is possibly one of my favorite narrators ever. [July 2011]