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Pretty much everything here originally appeared at my actual blog: By Singing Light. I particularly focus on upper middle-grade and young adult books. I also enjoy adult genre books, especially speculative fiction.

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The Name of the Star - Maureen Johnson I wasn’t sure what it would be like, but ended up liking it a lot. One of the major things I liked is a big spoiler, so I won’t say it, but it made me happy. I liked Rory’s different worlds and the uncomfortableness of when they overlap. And for myself, I looked at it more as a mystery than as a paranormal story, for whatever reason, so I wasn’t creeped out as much as I was intrigued. The mystery had a great solution, I thought! And, I know I’m supposed to dislike Charlotte, but she dresses up as Amy Pond! I cannot do it! [Oct. 2011]