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Pretty much everything here originally appeared at my actual blog: By Singing Light. I particularly focus on upper middle-grade and young adult books. I also enjoy adult genre books, especially speculative fiction.

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The False Prince - Jennifer A. Nielsen Oh, friends, I wanted to love this book. I really did. So many other people loved it, and also said it was like The Thief. Looking back, this may have been a problem because it set up unrealistic expectations. Nothing is ever like The Thief. In the case of The False Prince, the comparison made me suspicious of Sage from the beginning, which messed up the plot. Also, I felt like a lot of the characterizations were inconsistent or didn’t make sense somehow. So…yeah. I really wanted to like this one, to love it, but in the end I just found myself vaguely annoyed.


I had some more thoughts about The False Prince and, more specifically, Sage in relation to Gen